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Sinai Tours - Camel Trekking

Sinai is one of the rare places on earth where you can immerse yourself, away from civilization, in some of the most beautiful and enchanting desert landscapes.

Here we manage a real sustainable tourism project with a Bedouin tribe with whom we have a long lasting friendship of over 30 years.


Sinai Camel Trekking

Our mode of operation is very simple: we are autonomous with camel assistance, which means camels carry the luggage, equipment, food and water.

It is also possible to ride the camels but you have to specify it in your request.

Our caravans are led by Bedouins, the best companions one can have in this magical desert. If you wish, they will teach you how to bake bread, how to load/unload the camels and how to lead one.

Nights are spent in the open, under the stars, in beautiful settings - a real million stapxr hotel!

Tents are available upon request.

Children are welcome and the Bedouins are particularly gentle with them.


We trek in two different areas, depending on season and the level of difficulty:


The Sandstone Area

From October to April - Easy to medium trekking

Beautiful desert sceneries when each day reveals a different landscape.

Sand games in the dunes, easy and funny climbing to admire 360° awe-inspiring panoramas.

Century old trails, mysterious rocks engravings, canyons and oasis…


The Mountain Area

From March to November – Medium to difficult trekking

The Sinai Mountains have hosted the first Christian hermits fleeing Roman persecution.

We are completely isolated in a red granite environment. Cars cannot drive through; the only people we will encounter are Bedouin shepherds or crofters.

The Bedouins cultivate plots of land in these mountains and the sight of almonds or apricot trees in bloom in the desert is astonishing and definitely biblical…

The presence of water enables a rich flora to develop, lots of medical plants that our Bedouin companions will tell you how to use.


All of our programmes end or start at the Saint Catherine monastery, the oldest monastery still active in the Middle-East.

We climb Mount Moses (Also known as Mt. Sinai or Mt. Horeb), next to the monastery, where, according to the tradition, Moses received the 10 commandments. But we do it in a very special way, away from the crowds, through paths only known by us and the Bedouins.


Arrival and departure are possible via Cairo, Sharm el Sheikh, Nuweiba, Taba, Eilat or Aqaba.

If you wish to visit the marvels of Egypt (Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, the White desert, Great Sand sea, Gilf Kebir) before or after your Sinai trek, we can arrange that as well.


Sinai is a very special desert… Some kind of magic derives from it.

From our experience we can tell you that no one remain unmoved by it.

One can find peace and serenity, answers to difficult existential issues or experience soothing sensation after a trauma.

The simplicity and kindness of the Bedouins are a useful demonstration on how to make our life less complicated…


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