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Israel - Hikes and trekking.


Israel is a particularly rich country in nature reserves and national parks. For more than 70 years an extensive programme for the nature preservation has been implemented.

It includes the reintroduction of wild fauna on the verge of extinction. This is why it is very common, especially in our desert tours, to encounter ibexes, wild asses, rock hyraxes and with a little bit of luck to observe gazelles and white oryx.

The Jordan and Aravah valleys are one of the main bird migration corridors on earth. More than one billion birds fly through, both ways, each year to East Africa in the autumn and back home to Eastern Europe in the spring. This is a marvellous occasion to do some extraordinary bird watching…

Israel, compared to its small size, has the most incredible variety of plants. Here you can find Mediterranean as well as Saharan, Sudanese or Irano-Turanian flora.

Flock grazing has been very limited in the Negev desert and is totally forbidden in all nature reserves. It has enabled the flora to revive and we can now admire and enjoy blooming areas with rare plants you thought exist only at your florist or in books


Pillars of Solomon - Timna Valley Nachal Prazim Osprey The ”Mushroom” at Timna Park Ein Avdat - Negev Mountains Ibex in Eilat Mountains Negev plateau Arabian Oryx at the Hai-Bar wildlife reserve Memsis - Mamshit, Nabathean Town Judean Desert - above Ein Namer Judean Desert - a view of the Dead Sea Judean Desert - Masada North Face - Herods Palace Makhtesh Ramon - Ramon Crater - Negev Mountains Rock Hyrax - Judean Desert The 'Hidden Waterfall' Nahal Arugot, Judean Mountains Trekking to Jerusalem Monastery of St. George - Wadi Qelt, Judean Desert Egyptian Vulture, Negev, Israel Beit Jamal Monastery - Jerusalem Hills Caves - Beit Govrin National Park Beit Govrin National Park - Caves Hiking in Galilee, Israel Androcymbium palaestinum - Desert Bulb Migdala Nunia (Aramaic: 'fish tower'), home town of Mary of Magdala (Luke 8:2) The Wailing Wall - Jerusalem Via Dolorosa The Siloam (Shiloach) inscription, Hezekiah's tunnel, Jerusalem Jerusalem


The desert

60% of the land of Israel is desert! Its diversity is great and you will find wild isolated spaces as well as intensive desert agriculture areas using the latest irrigation (with recycled water) technology or intimate organic vine fields producing excellent wine.


Eilat Mountains and Aravah valley

From October to April – Medium to difficult

At the southern most point of the country, the landscape has been sculpted by dramatic geological movements. It created colourful mountains, deep canyons and breath-taking panoramas in over four countries (Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia) with the Red sea and the Edom mountains as background.

On the same trail, you will encounter all the rock formations existing on earth, in one step you will cross more than 500 million years of geological history.

Impressive high tech organic desert agriculture has been developed in the Aravah valley. It uses the latest irrigation technologies by recycled water. The sight of cultivated fields and green houses in the middle of the desert is just amazing…


Central Negev desert and craters

From October to April – Easy to difficult

Hikes and trekking in the midst of unique geological phenomena like the erosive craters (Maktesch). In the Ramon crater (Makhtesch Ramon) we can easily spend a few days, each day completely different, with each day revealing another part of the earth's pre-history.

Nabatean ancient cities and caravanserais (UNESCO world Heritage sites) are present along our trails to add a cultural dimension to these mineral landscapes.

We will also visit organic farms producing excellent cheese, wine and olive oil.


Judean desert

From October to April – Medium to difficult

Set between the lowest point on earth (the Dead Sea –420 metres, -1377 feet, below sea-level) and the Judean Mountains south of Jerusalem (up to 800 metres, 2625 feet high) it is a very unique desert in spite of his small size.

Dramatic deep canyons, charming nature reserves inhabited by ibexes and rock hyrax, luxuriant oases… and in between, striking archaeological sites like Masada (UNESCO world Heritage site), Qumran (Dead Seas scrolls), Ein Gedi and cleverly concealed ancient monasteries.

Of course, a tour in the Judean desert wouldn't be complete without a dip in the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea.


Jerusalem mountains

September to November, March to June – Easy to medium

West of Jerusalem, a low mountainous area stretches until the Sphelah (Hilly area between the coastal area and the Jerusalem mountains).

Forests of oaks, pine woods and pistachio compose the scenery of our hikes. Our itineraries will lead you to secretive monasteries, ancient agricultural terraces and caves carved in the soft chalk rock used as shelters during the revolts against the Roman Empire or as burial sanctuaries.

With us you will enter Jerusalem by foot, what a wonderful way to reach the eternal city…



September to November, March to June – Easy to difficult

Biblical landscapes scattered with charming historical sites, housing magnificent ancient mosaics, reached by easy trails among oaks and pistachio forests.

Blossoming paths will take us to hospitable Druze's villages, unforgettable panoramas from Mount Tabor and Mount Meron, or in the footsteps of Jesus around Nazareth and from the Mount of Beatitudes to Capernaum.

We Journey through history. Visit the sites where famous battles against the Roman Empire were fought - accompanied by the writings Josephus Flavius.

Hike along the Jordan river and the sea of Galilee, visits of wineries and olive presses, Crusader castles, Cabbalistic villages … the North of Israel has so much to offer…


Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem city treks

All year long, Easy

Neighbourhoods of Tel-Aviv have been classified World Heritage sites by UNESCO thanks to their Bauhaus architecture and the eternal city of Jerusalem needs no special introduction.

We strike a balance between ancient and modern, typical busy markets, old cities and neighbourhoods, secret nature corners… we have all the ingredients for a full discovery of these two cities, so different from each other yet both essential for a full comprehension of Israel today.


Our accommodations

We use guest houses, kibbutz country lodging, youth hostels, monasteries, bed & breakfast and hotels on our tours.

Transportation by minibuses

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